Who is Sniff

You might wonder who is Sniff ? -we are husband and wife team based in our quirky studio in Ultimo, Sydney. We pride ourselves on taking our experiences in life, travel and love and creating the best, most evocative candles we can. We take great joy in knowing our candles are not only enjoyed in Australia but also in another 5 countries. We love life, we love our planet and we totally love smells, nice ones that is……..after all, fragrance is our passion.

We have been trading for over six years now but our love of smell goes right back to when we owned a restaurant and pub in Lincolnshire, England. Our roots have always been in cooking and believe taste and smell excite our senses.

Toni has made candles all her adult life but we decided to make a business of it because they were in such demand.

We feel so lucky every day that we have a career that lets us create and grow. We love to learn and the export side of the business has taught us so much about our friends overseas.

We love animals and have done some great work with animal welfare as well as cancer research.

We love gardening and are always inspired by our fabulous flowers and perfect plants. We love to show them off on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We love nature so we use sustainable products!

who is sniff